Day 3 Catch-up

I already wrote this poem, i’m just copy/pasting.

Eulogy for my mother

You used to rock me, throw sheets in my face, the wind would make me fall asleep.
Here we are twenty-six years later and you are completely out of my life.
You are gone forever, and I let you go.
I took you for granted, and now it’s too late.

I hate to say it, but you are better off without me.
I ruined you. I wasted your time.
I miss you so much though. You were my saving grace, for many years the only reason I lived on. And now to make you proud that’s what I have to do. Live on without you.

Everyone used to tell me to be nicer to my parents,
I couldn’t understand why, how idiotic.
I had never lost anyone important to me, I couldn’t understand the importance of life.

How important could life possibly be, if I needed only you.
Only you, God will anyone even believe this crap?
So sentimental for someone I was never nice to.
How depressing.

I know you loved me.


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