i am michael review

this movie was like eye candy and ear candy. there was nothing about this movie that wasn’t visually or audibly pleasing. every second leaves you wanting more and when the end comes it’s a complete surprise.

being based on a true story makes you wonder how much of it is true for the most part. being a member of the Christian religion and studying the bible throughout my life makes me see huge differences in my beliefs than mike’s and especially the quote about “finding your true self” offended me because that has never been what my relationship with God was about. I respect the people’s beliefs in the movie, many of the characters were atheist or agnostic and i have previously been both of those “disbeliefs” before. I know how hard it can be to fit into a small sub-sect of society due to my mental health issues and my personal opinion is that the mental health culture feels just as unaccepted by the world as the LGBTQ community.


i’m not going to say which way i wanted Michael to choose. I could see pros and cons to either relationship. I also love both actors playing his significant others, emma roberts and alternatively zachary quinto. i think the reason the movie felt sort of choppy at times was not due to mistakes made by actors or crew, but because Michael’s own life was unpredicatable and difficult to understand what was really going on in his mind.

Luckily this choppiness happens in the middle of the movie and doesn’t last or affect the whole film’s pace. the fashion choices in the movie were excellent and again were pleasing to the eye. (I can’t get over how much i love the cinematography lol)

James Franco has been one of my favorite actors since I saw him in Spider-Man and to have zachary, emma, and james in one movie together was complete bliss for me. I know that when the movie is widely released for purchase I will be adding it to my home collection. Being a person who is somewhat homophobic due to cultural differences, this movie did not bother me. Normally if i’m feeling homophobic it’s not due to specifically gay people, it’s because i don’t like PDA.

This movie was made with respect to those who have different beliefs (any beliefs), and is not difficult to watch like other movies i’ve seen in several different genres respectively (LGBT, religious or anti-religious films, and biopics)

I think the hardest movie in the LGBT genre for me to watch was kill your darlings, while i did honestly enjoy that pic, the rejection that came to one of the characters was completely depressing and difficult to handle, but again i don’t think that was due to “gayness” it was probably just the violence in the movie and rejection in general is usually hard for me to digest.

Moving on, this flick is almost a completely perfect example of the future of independant films in my opinion, being something i want to watch so badly, but isn’t getting release dates on time due to distribution problems (LOL), and long wait times (not widely distributed online either), small market, but one of the best films i’ve ever seen. gus van sant was an influence who i didn’t even know worked on the film, but realized just before seeing it that he was a producer. I’ve seen several of his other films and “Elephant” is my favorite. The way that is work is made screams his name at me metaphorically. I’m so glad I have had the opportunity to be culturally aroused by these types of films and hope to see more from everyone I’ve aforementioned.