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The characters and places and possibly other things I describe do not belong to me. I am not the creator of them and they belong to writer J.K. Rowling, author of the brilliantly successful Harry Potter series.

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Also, because this happens to originally be written in a roleplaying forum by myself and others, some of the responses will be written by other people and then be edited by myself. I will give those people credit and post a link to the original post, and I apologize if anyone considers that plagarism, but I am not making money off of this and I am only doing this for my own personal therapy and for fun. There will be times that I may repost a description of a shop or location and not edit that. I will also post the permalink to the original location of that post, and it will interupt my story and I will try to be as honest as possible about my work and what is mine and what is not. I am just trying to keep a continuous flow here becuase I am writing things about these characters on multiple websites with this one being the main storyflow in order of when and what things are posted.


                Eleanor and Dickson were the parents of two very special children, twins in fact, who had just received their acceptance letters to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  The twins were named Eden and Henry even before their conception and before Mr. and Mrs. Dickson knew they were having twins. They had known from the beginning of their marriage they wanted a boy and a girl and they were born to them. Now eleven years after their  birth Eden and Henry White, who had lived in the muggle world their entire lives, had received official owl posts from Hogwarts, addressed specifically to each of them, and their parents were very pleased. The family was ready to come out of hiding, and join their friends and family in the London area of England, so it was time for them to go to Diagon Alley. Their first stop was Gringotts bank.The White Family slowly walked into the entrance foyer. Of course, it wasn’t Mr. and Mrs. White’s first time into Gringotts, but it was the children’s first time into the bank. Their parents were making a large deposit and exchange there, and the children were quite frightened of the words quoted.

“Enter, stranger, but take heed
Of what awaits the sin of greed,
For those who take, but do not earn,
Must pay most dearly in their turn.
So if you seek beneath our floors
A treasure that was never yours,
Thief, you have been warned, beware
Of finding more than treasure there.”

Considering the punishment that might follow if they did break the rules, Eden and Henry looked at their parents for reassurance. They all continued walking up the steps into the main hall. Suddenly, a gargoyle on the chandelier fell down and cracked right in front of them. Mrs. White grabbed her husband’s arm in fright. “How could this happen?” a stranger near them yelled. “Don’t blame me!” Henry defended only himself in his time of fright. “It wasn’t us…” Eden said without the reassurance she’d hoped to give her family. Mr. White looked at the children and with a firm hand pointed at the broken gargoyle which was smashed to bits. “Did you touch anything,  anything at all?” he directed at his children. The twins shook their heads vigorously. “Alright, I know, it wasn’t us.” He said, finally everyone was reassured.

“Children, I have forgotten that I need a new wand, Dickson said excitedly, and also, you don’t have wands yet. Let’s go to Ollivander’s and get our wands ready before we go to Gringotts. I think I have enough money to get our wands first.” They headed down the alleyway to get to Ollivander’s. The whole family entered the shop. Of course, they had forgotten at Gringotts that they all needed their wands before the deposit and withdrawal. How silly. “Don’t touch a thing unless Ira tells you to, do you understand children?” Mr. White asked deliberately knowing his children were already very cautious. A reminder wouldn’t ever hurt though. “Yes sir.” they both replied very quickly. “Alright, let’s all go get fitted, it’s been quite some time since we’ve used a wand. Honey, let’s let the children go first”, Mrs. White suggested. “Sounds like a plan”, Mr. White agreed. “I wonder if they teach wand lessons at Hogwarts or here at the shop….” She thought out loud. Mr. White agreed that was a good question and intended to ask, but not try to bother the shopkeeper at work. Possibly one of his assistants could help with those, he thought to himself. “Alright everyone, are you ready? This is a big day!” “Yes, father.” The children were on his good side today.


Dare of the Day – past Camp nanowrimo

Dare of the Day

All of a sudden, something falls from the sky! Whether it helps or hinders your main character is up to you. From an asteroid to a pack of mutant space cats to radioactive bacon, the choices are endless! — Thootle2

Dare of the Day

Take a deep breath. Good. Now let it out.

In the midst of your big adventure, sometimes you forget to chill out a bit. Give your protagonist the same chance—a second to recover before they continue their own adventure. — savvywrites

Dare of the Day

Have a character eat or drink something with unpredictable consequences. It could be a poisonous cocktail, a mushroom that makes them grow, or an entire bag of chocolate that makes ’em so sick they end up puking in someone’s lap, but let that one consumable set in motion a fantastic chain of events. — BabaLana

Announcement Post

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