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what anime is this from?? xx
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Completed March 9, 2019

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October 21, 2018

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October 25, 2018

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i’m currently at trust level 1



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October 22, 2018

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guild wars 2 forums


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a list of important gourmet hunter links




do you want to be a gourmet hunter?

“hunter x hunter is a wonderful exotic fantastic show!” – me christa sloan×_Hunter_(1999)_episodes


somewhere you might be able to start






and more to come

Interesting Entertainment and Crafts Links on Blogs (Interactive Activities no expiration dates?)


Find the best ingredients (most pure)that you can for these

If you can makethe ingredients freshlyI recommend that (from scratch)

Measure the food coloring carefully?

Practice cooking perfectly before learning potions at Hogwarts

This was filmed in SOHO NEW YORK CITY? Or LONDON?

When building a pastry and baking kitchen it needs to be ergonomically organized perfectly for the best uses. Can you reorganize where the locations of the supplies and appliances are without it being inconvenient?

Practice cooking in different formats to see what is the most convenient.

Talk to a lot of bakers, pastry chefs, chefs, and cooks to see what they prefer

Is there an easier way to fold ingredients?

If something isn’t working, take a break from time and space and try again later after you learn new information

It’s okay to make mistakes and try again, but don’t make too many, and don’t do the same things over and over again.

Remember what you do exactly so you can learn how to do it perfectly in more than one way

You may need multiple chefs, and assistants

We are going to want to take these all over the universe and all throughout time

If you see someone making mistakes making these intentionally or unintentionally report them in a friendly way and cooperate with the proper “authorities”

Follow all kitchen rules (clean hands before touching anything in the kitchen, keep hands and body clean, do not enter a kitchen dirty, do not enter a dirty kitchen clean, if a kitchen is unclean and has to stay that way make sure to have “CLEAN” food.

No one deserves to become dirtier based on what they eat unless what they are eating is blasphemous. (probably)

Talk to a social worker to verify this

Taste test and taste test often (they are great!)

Allow yourselves to be recorded and measured while perfecting these processes

Product testers can perform taste tests and also help to prepare the ingredients and kitchens

Have BLOGGERS report this information during the process of perfection use social media for updates

MACARON MASTERCLASS TO PREPARE FOR BEFORE MAKING THE INIFINITY WAR FRENCH MACARONS Macaron Masterclass – How to Make Perfect Macarons | Cupcake Jemma Concerns? Rating and Description?)

<Mavel’s Avengers: Infinity War Inspired French Macarons (Keto Approved) Recipe

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Bonus trailer:[0]=68.ARAafb9lcIwrCIW8GYETgqX1jtel7As87TDXBFfPeROMaUfpb0AWJx9UQ3zBTggbBYnhNj4nVgsU16pOu_pb0nRg75lM1P1sROn-sDcezL7HHmA9mo1Rht-Rn1Emz7pzyj11mKgLEfMn8JbSvkPU91YugtShkn2N6APbr2Eh4UhEXeF4c-BOdA&__tn__=-R

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Alternate Macaron Recipes

오레오 마카롱 만들기, 스위스 머랭 마카롱: Swiss meringue Oreo Macaron Recipe – Cooking tree 쿠킹트리*Cooking ASMR

크렘브륄레 마카롱 만들기  Creme Brulee Macarons | 한세

Please improve results for a Macaron Search.

Can you post instructional videos on wikipedia?


wikipedia redlink, this topic needs research and an article written extensively.

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Create a wikipedia account, follow all wikipedia guidelines and instructions, assist wikipedia for free in order to receive a possible reward? maybe wikipedia users can reward each other for doing tasks.

maybe youtube can team up with wikipedia to add host videos.