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i think all the youtube videos i made ages ago turned out to be true. i was so full of myself back then, and it’s painful to watch.

i think we are completely being brainwashed.

if you go and watch the original seasons of gilmore girls and then you watch the new seasons now, you can see a dramatic difference in politics.

knowing that you must be influencing people as an actor is scary.

you don’t know if it was your words that made someone think something, or if it was the natural progress of society.


i don’t agree with every word of my youtube channel.

i want to delete videos, but i feel like i need to see how terrible of a person i was back then.

i don’t want to be like that.

maybe i was being influenced by society then and now, and that’s the major difference.

if i go back and watch all the shows and movies i watched back then, will i act like that again?



can you imagine?

I think some of the world’s most important movements have been created and influenced by satan.

think about this.

Jesus comes to earth as the prince of peace and promotes good will to all men.

the hippies in the sixties talk about world peace, and do drugs all day which are not even peaceful.instead of peace they protest and cause a lot of damage all across the world (berlin wall?)

currently “hipsters” are a recreation of hippies and are basically doing the exact same thing

easter and christmas spend time worshiping the sun god and mother nature (who are most likely not even real)


the catholic church basically represents the sun god and doesn’t even use the bible to preach, because they are saying you need to pray to mary, mother of god, (who they assume is perfect) but it says that nowhere in the bible, and eating bread and wine that they say is actually the body of christ (if it is why are you eating it?) nowhere in the bible does it say to eat the body of christ every weekend. also these “relics” they have in each church are symbolic not real, and the entire time of the crusades was spent killing and mass murdering people to get ahold of these things.

so many people claim relgion is good, but repeatedly in the bible it says tradition is bad, and to actually read the words of god in the good book, and not to trust others.

the bible also says not to follow your heart, but to trust your mind over your gut.


if you read proverbs it spends “years” talking about folly, which in my opinion can’t hurt because it’s really annoying how true those verses are.


everyday i walk around seeing famous people on tv, and keep comparing them to the foolish people it talks about in the bible , and i am constantly paranoid that they are all really going to hell, no matter how beautiful they are.

i’m really scared about the final judgement and i hope you are too.


(you know i’m┬áspouting off, here, but all that i’m saying has to really make you think)

think about it this way

if you wanted to accept Christ or think about it, maybe imagine it as you leaving everything you own behind to go on vacation.

drop everything and leave.

that’s what Christ is asking you to do.

leave behind everything you know and follow him completely, body, soul, and mind.

it’s very important that you realize this before you ask Him into your heart, that once you perish you will leave behind everything including your earthly body and spouse.

“until death do us part” and all of that.

God is the only way to stop from going to hell.

i don’t know when he will come back or any of those details, but it’s important that you are ready.


I don’t want to sound like one of those crazy religious nuts, but it’s true. he could come at any time. Time is a thief, as they say.

none of us know when the day of the Lord will come, so be ready to drop everything for Him so you are one with God in the end of the earth.

greetings in the name of the Lord.


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