ch. 1 part 1 – the beginning of the middle

ada was completely unprepared for her midterm exam. she hadn’t studied because she had been too busy writing her novel to bother with schoolwork. she already had a college lined up sophomore year, she’d been accepted, everything. she hadn’t been following her new year’s resolutions (who does anyways?) and she hadn’t done any of her chores that week. basically she had put everything in her book into perspective and was still completing a major edit during homeroom and lunch. nothing at school was important to her. she was so smart and talented, she just didn’t have time for trivial homework and spending all day listening to teachers drone on and on for hours about things that just weren’t relevant to her lifestyle.

ada had a boyfriend too. she was thinking about breaking up with him (there lives were just too different), but she thought she might keep him around for  awhile longer. he was fun to go on dates with and keep her busy. she was still considering doing all the artwork for her book,  but she didn’t want crappy ebook art, she wanted to seriously be a successful writer. she had applied to several english scholarships. it’s not like she really needed them though. her parents were both really successful, her mom was a movie producer and always went back to london (where she wsa from) and her dad was also a writer but he wrote technical papers.

ada left history after guessing on her midterm exam and walked in the hall lifelessly toward her locker. her friend nissa came up to her as she was staring into space and asked her, “what’s up A?”

ada finally came back to reality, “don’t you already know, Nissa? Don’t try to rub my own obnoxiousness in my face…”

Nissa’s snobbery was available to anyone she talked to, and ada didn’t mind it most of the time. “whatever A, just move over because you know  i did good on that exam. i’ve been studying for weeks, and you barely touched my notes. like you would take any… i just don’t see how you excel at sliding by at everything you do besides writing…”

ada smirked. she could get on nissa’s nerves so easily. that’s probably why they were such good friends, she noted.