dear mr. president
or mrs. president
don’t know which
either way don’t matter
at all

dear president
please help me feel like part of the american community
the community which is supposed to support the
“american dream”
i feel excluded as i always have felt
this way as well

all this time
i have been an outsider in my own home
not really my family life am i addressing here
but the entirety of americans in general

there have been some nice ones
ones that are people
people who live near me
in the american community which i have spoken of.

the people don’t address differences well
those in my school, teachers or students
those in the workplace, managers or employees

you say, everyone is welcome,
whether you have a disability or not
but then are they actually welcome
the truth is
no one wants to hire someone with a disability
it inconveniences them

it makes them have to do more work for the small amount you are
paid to do.

your job is never done though,
no harm no foul.

so president,
help me succeed.


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