day six catch up



my only guesses


i don’t give you space, yet we don’t talk anymore.

i don’t love you, yet we are best friends.

there’s no god, yet we are standing here in symmetry.

fear is the only explanation for this.


i saw you twice, and that was enough. except for when it’s not.

i am focused on my life, my health, not yours. because you weigh so much metaphorically.

you stress me out, even when i need you. but the weight seems to get lighter with time.

there is no other explanation for this except stress.


as a third party, i would say that a compromise is necessary, if you are going to continue this dance.

both parties need to put in equal weight, sorry for the pun.

you both care enough to make it worth your while.


one of you needs to remember the fun you had when you were closer.


well, you both do, but the other needs to remember not to break, not too crack, not to stress. do everything you can to protect, stop fighting, start caring.


do you want to go back to what you used to have? or do you want to see what lies in the future?




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