day 11 catch up

bop poem



i currently have anxiety

i didn’t have it last year

not like i have it now

how many people have experienced what i am experiencing

how many people have suffered in silence the pain

i will not go through this alone


people will help me whether they want to or not


i will tell you what this feels like

it feels like a gut wrenching tingling feeling in my abdomen

it feels like i have to do something right this moment or it will never get done

it feels like no one cares about my problems

it feels like i have to solve my problems before they happen

before i even know what they are

it feels like even if someone does care, they can’t help me

because they don’t know what it’s like and they don’t want to


people will help me whether they want to or not


sometimes the only one who loves me is my dog

no, other people love me but it’s like i said before they don’t understand

and they don’t really want to understand, it’s painful

sickness of the mind is all i feel twenty-four-seven

i get a small break here and there but you know, whatever

i want to introduce you to my inner sanctum

but there’s no way anyone would want to spend time in a sickness

so i guess all i can do is just, try


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