i think all the youtube videos i made ages ago turned out to be true. i was so full of myself back then, and it’s painful to watch.

i think we are completely being brainwashed.

if you go and watch the original seasons of gilmore girls and then you watch the new seasons now, you can see a dramatic difference in politics.

knowing that you must be influencing people as an actor is scary.

you don’t know if it was your words that made someone think something, or if it was the natural progress of society.


i don’t agree with every word of my youtube channel.

i want to delete videos, but i feel like i need to see how terrible of a person i was back then.

i don’t want to be like that.

maybe i was being influenced by society then and now, and that’s the major difference.

if i go back and watch all the shows and movies i watched back then, will i act like that again?




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