think about it this way

if you wanted to accept Christ or think about it, maybe imagine it as you leaving everything you own behind to go on vacation.

drop everything and leave.

that’s what Christ is asking you to do.

leave behind everything you know and follow him completely, body, soul, and mind.

it’s very important that you realize this before you ask Him into your heart, that once you perish you will leave behind everything including your earthly body and spouse.

“until death do us part” and all of that.

God is the only way to stop from going to hell.

i don’t know when he will come back or any of those details, but it’s important that you are ready.


I don’t want to sound like one of those crazy religious nuts, but it’s true. he could come at any time. Time is a thief, as they say.

none of us know when the day of the Lord will come, so be ready to drop everything for Him so you are one with God in the end of the earth.

greetings in the name of the Lord.


ps here is a great resource:


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