happy valentine’s

roses are bled

violets are true

look at me honestly and say, i don’t love you.

take me out

keep me in,

i don’t care at all

just don’t shove me under the bus next fall





i have realized that i might have truly hurt you.

that was never my intention. i’m still sorry and i hope you can get over it.

i still want to be your muse.

take everything from me, but please make it worth my effort.


i might end up in the same area as you after all.

maybe i will move up there and make a career where you are.

i’m not your stalker, not really. but if i felt welcome, maybe i would make an effort to be closer to you.

i don’t want to be obsessed and i don’t want to hurt you or annoy you.

i only want to be friends if it’s mutual.


wish me luck, z.


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