Dare of the Day – past Camp nanowrimo

Dare of the Day

All of a sudden, something falls from the sky! Whether it helps or hinders your main character is up to you. From an asteroid to a pack of mutant space cats to radioactive bacon, the choices are endless! — Thootle2

Dare of the Day

Take a deep breath. Good. Now let it out.

In the midst of your big adventure, sometimes you forget to chill out a bit. Give your protagonist the same chance—a second to recover before they continue their own adventure. — savvywrites

Dare of the Day

Have a character eat or drink something with unpredictable consequences. It could be a poisonous cocktail, a mushroom that makes them grow, or an entire bag of chocolate that makes ’em so sick they end up puking in someone’s lap, but let that one consumable set in motion a fantastic chain of events. — BabaLana


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